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Relx Infinity Battery Kit
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-black
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-blue
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-green
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-white
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-black
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-blue
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-green
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-white

Relx Infinity Battery Kit

The RELX Infinity battery is stylish, easy to use, and winner of the prestigious red dot award. Featuring a built-in 380mAh automatically activated battery, the RELX Infinity can produce vapour by simply inserting a prefilled pod and inhaling. A USB-C charging port allows for quick and efficient recharging in just 45 minutes, plus a handy LED light will flash red to indicate a recharge is needed. The RELX Infinity battery is compatible with both prefilled RELX Pod Pro and RELX Pods, which are available in a wide range of flavours to suit almost any vaping preference. When inserting a pod, the Infinity battery body will provide a tactile vibration to confirm a connection has been made and that the pod is now suitable for use.

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Wireless charging ultra-long battery life with built-in magnetic charging interface: no need to align the plug line, put down and charge, and then various accessories to unlock more scenes. Stable temperature control: The peak temperature of the atomizing core is controlled at about 230 ° C to improve the heating stability, so that the flue gas becomes delicate and textured, and the mouth feels very smooth.

Battery Cigarette X 1
Battery capacity: 380mAh
Maximum battery charging current: 700mA
Pods X 2
Net pod content: 2ml X 2
Nicotine content: 3% / 5%
Type-C USB charging cable X 1

Special research formula: Relx is a special smoke oil formula of “Infinite Series”. In addition to the more obvious sense of taste, the smoke is more condensed and clumpy, and there will be a feeling of fullness in the mouth.
Leak-proof silicone: It is more suitable for wrapping the atomizing core to prevent the smoke oil from seeping out of the oil storage bin * 11-layer labyrinth structure: extra-long labyrinth structure, which locks the condensate and smoke in the atomization chamber. 0.35mm oil-proof net: The surface tension of the liquid formed by the smoke oil at the hole size of 0.35mm just counteracts the gravity, and cooperate with the surrounding cotton pads to form the final partition.

Relx Infinity Battery Kit-01
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-02
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-03
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-04
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-05
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-06
Relx Infinity Battery Kit-07

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